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Growing from seeds or buying plants

Choosing between buying seeds and buying plants from the store is a decision that can depend on a variety of factors. If you enjoy the process of planting and nurturing seeds, and have the time and patience for it, then starting from seed may be the way to go. However, buying plants from the store eliminates the guesswork and can give you a head start on growth. Additionally, buying plants from a reputable seller can ensure the plant is healthy and suited for your environment. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and time constraints.

As a seeding farmer, it's important to have an extensive collection of plants to produce the best results. However, sometimes I don't have a particular plant I need, and that's okay. I simply head to the plant store and grab what I need. It's better to have a successful crop with outside help than to settle for a subpar one. Remember, every farmer needs to assess their resources and, if necessary, supplement them with store-bought materials.

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